Leaders in Security Management, Layne Consultants International (LCI) provides comprehensive security planning, assessment, design, and training services to business, industry, and government worldwide.

We have been in continuous operation since 1973.  Our associates are respected leaders in the fields of security management, workplace violence prevention, loss prevention, emergency preparedness, disaster planning, fire protection, public safety, human resources, investigations, customer relations, business continuity, and system design, engineering and specification.

LCI is an independent, non-product-affiliated firm, offering a variety of security consulting and training services at any location.  This means that when we recommend a service or product, we do so with complete integrity and objectivity, having no influence from financial gain or special relationships.

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LCI provides service to a wide variety of clientele, including cultural facilities of all size and scope (museums, libraries, historic sites, state and national parks, performing arts centers, galleries, aquariums, botanic gardens, science centers, zoos, and art institutes), schools, colleges, universities, public institutions, government facilities, shopping centers, high rise buildings, corporate offices, detention facilities, retail centers, small businesses, food service centers, health care facilities, manufacturing centers, industrial complexes, transportation services, and executive residences.


LCI offers several distinct security consulting services to international clientele. Professional security consulting services include comprehensive physical security planning, detailed risk analysis surveys and vulnerability assessments, security system design and specification, fire protection design and specification, project coordination, vendor pre-qualification and selection, staffing studies, employee search & placement, policy evaluation, emergency management and disaster planning, security system audits, and much more!


The Layne Consultants approach to security planning is holistic - assessing threats, the client's vulnerabilities to those threats, and the application of appropriate countermeasures. We understand the synergy that must exist between client operations, emergency plans, coordination with outside agencies, security personnel, appropriate written policy, employee involvement, and technology enhancements, to enable the proper and comprehensive layering of security.

Because we understand the unique nature of varying security programs, we are very well suited to meet the challenges related to striking a balance between security, safety, and client operations. Our service philosophy considers all practical, environmental, cultural, historical, educational, architectural, and budgetary requirements. This means that LCI's security planning, assessment, training, and design services include a thorough understanding of each client’s business. Simply, there is no other security consulting firm that provides the same level of resources and expertise.

While meeting all of the technical and experiential qualifications necessary for each unique project, we are also recognized for our reputation for professionalism and emphasis on customer service. LCI consultants have the temerity and proven ability to accomplish client objectives with integrity and professionalism.

Reputation & Experience

LCI consultants are leaders in the field of security and safety, recognized throughout the world for our special expertise in protecting assets; safeguarding staff, visitors and others; developing innovative solutions for mitigating threats; evaluating, specifying and designing electronic systems; and evaluating staffing and other resources.

Layne Consultants clients provide our best references, and we are happy to put prospective clientele directly in touch with anyone for whom we have provided service.

Associates of Layne Consultants are Certified Institutional Protection Managers, Certified Institutional Protection Technicians, and Certified Institutional Protection Instructors through the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection, and Certified Protection Professionals through the American Society for Industrial Security. Some are Certified Fraud Examiners, Professional Engineers, and Certified Fire Protection Specialists. Technical expertise is enhanced by attendance at technical workshops and seminars and active participation in professional associations.

LCI Consultants regularly serve as expert witnesses for cases involving "standard of care" in security. We are often selected to present special seminars and workshops for security and law enforcement groups as well as business and industry trade associations. Our articles and research papers appear in many national publications and association journals. Our textbook publications, The Cultural Property Protection Manual and Business Survival Guide are widely distributed throughout the country.

LCI Associates are carefully selected for their ability to provide the high quality of service on which our reputation is based. With a vast network of experienced professionals, we strive to provide our clientele with the finest service available, in an efficient, cost-effective manner. LCI clientele join our growing family of owners, managers, and business groups who appreciate our worldwide availability and instant service response. We are never unavailable, and ready to assist 24/7.