Houses of Worship

How do we achieve the best balance between crime prevention and providing a welcoming environment for our congregates, staff, and clergy?

LCI’s security experts provide a range of cost-effective, practical strategies for mitigating threats to achieve just the right balance. Our best-practices, non-denominational recommendations address the security and safety concerns of houses of worship of all size and scope.

Does your organization employ a “S.A.F.E.” operating philosophy?

  • Situationally
  • Aware
  • Friendly
  • Environment

LCI’s goal is to help our clients prepare for, prevent, and respond to a broad spectrum of incidents, including: natural disasters, fire, theft, vandalism, domestic disputes, employee disputes, bomb threats, and active shooter incidents.

Our menu of security consulting services includes the following:

  • Developing a unique protection mission for your organization
  • Facilities assessment - physical and electronic security
  • Security operations assessment
  • Development or enhancement of protection policies and procedures
  • Access control – practical, physical, mechanical, and electronic
  • Staffing assessment, including how to develop and maintain volunteer safety
    and emergency response teams
  • Child care, senior care, and school security
  • Special event and community programs security
  • Crowd control and traffic control
  • Loss prevention and asset protection (burglary, robbery, internal theft/embezzlement,
    vehicle break-ins, vandalism, and litigation avoidance)
  • Arson prevention
  • Hate crimes and terrorism prevention
  • Emergency preparedness, management, and response, including development of a realistic
    Emergency Operations Plan and Incident Command, emergency notification
  • Coordinating with local responding emergency agencies
  • Dealing with the media
Training (live and online) programs include:

  • Staff and volunteer security awareness, including dealing with and reporting
    suspicious persons and circumstances, and improving communications
  • Conflict resolution and confrontation de-escalation
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Emergency evacuations & lock-downs
LCI’s assessment and mitigation tools include:

  • Employee and congregate questionnaires
  • Sample policy and procedure templates
  • Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) templates
Please allow LCI’s team of experts to help implement a rational and realistic approach
to the overall safety and security of your facilities and inhabitants!

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